Carol Cano

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Body Work

Thai Massage

Northern style of ancient Thai massage describe as the “lazy man’s yoga”. Carol conducts certified trainings in level 1 Thai massage blended with the influence of Qi Gong as an energetic healing modality. She trains Yoga Teachers and Integrative Practitioners to enhance better understanding of the relationship with themselves and others.

Braided Way

Indigenous Wisdom

In Honor of her late Beloved Teacher Angeles Arrien, Carol had awakened to her own braided work. Carol teaches the integration of nature, seasons and the cultivation of the heart. The veil between the worlds of seen and unseen are open and now it is time to come home to who you are.

Through wisdom of the indigenous we will begin to heal ourselves and create the life we long to live fully.

Carol will hold a year-long series that invites you to wake up to the life you dream of. For serious folks longing for transformational change.  

Inner Substance®

Harm Reduction

Carol is a co-creator and founder of Inner Substance® a treatment philosophy that bridges modern knowledge with indigenous cultural and spiritual traditions to foster transformational change.

A cross-cultural, psycho-spiritual intervention from a Harm Reduction approach to healing substance abuse and Addiction.

Carol can meet one-on-one for a confidential counseling session through Skype or telephone call.



Mindful Living

Insight Meditation (Vipassana) practice cultivates understanding and wisdom through the unfolding nature of how things are.

Carol teaches Class Series, Year-Long Program, Daylongs and Half- Daylongs in the U.S. and residential retreats once a year in the Philippines.

Carol will set time to meet one-on-one in private sessions to help assist students on their path.

C  O  N  S  U  L  T  A  N  C  Y