Our hearts are tender from
the battlefield of our own delusion...

Carol has been my mentor for over eight years now.  She has been my biggest supporter and cheerleader, a constant positive force in my life who reminds me of my strengths in my most challenging moments.  Carol has a big heart and her teachings always reflect that.  

Her indigenous background always braids in nature and the Elders, which gives you the sense that you're never totally alone in this journey.  We are one with everything.  Her Buddhist teachings and meditation practice are deep and often come when you need the guidance in the most realistic way.  That everything you need is within you.  There is no need to look outside yourself to find the answer.  Yet Carol is always there by your side to see you through.

Carol is generous by nature and does not hold anything back when teaching or providing council.  She is able to hold you, lovingly, in times of conflict.  Whether it be addiction or spiritual crisis, Carol is highly trained to give you the best advise for your success.

​I highly recommend Carol Cano as a spiritual guide, a trained addiction specialist, and meditation teacher.

​                                                                                                                                   - Imee Contreras

Carol teaches regularly in the Bay Area and the Philippines.  For detailed information on her schedule, please check her calendar of events.


Carol Cano brings a unique combination of Basque, Native American and Buddhist influences into her teaching and her life's work.

C  O  N  S  U  L  T  A  N  C  Y
Carol Cano

        As a practice of generosity I try to make my teachings available as freely as possible.  The majority of the classes and programs 

that I teach are offered on a donation basis.  If you feel inspired to make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated.

All donations will go to the continuation and flourishing of the dharma.

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