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Carol Cano

Our hearts are tender from
the battlefield of our own delusion.





Carol Cano, M.A., the founder of Braided Wisdom© and co-founder of Philippine Insight Meditation Community.  She is a teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and a core teacher of East Bay Meditation Center.  She is Certified Mindfulness Teacher of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA).

Her unique teachings are deeply grounded in Basque, Native American and Buddhist influences that braid the Dharma along with indigenous wisdom and Earth-based practices. Her psychology background gives her a unique view into the human condition, which helps her hold community in a compassionate and confident manner.  Carol reminds us to keep grounded in our hearts as we uphold spiritual ideals and encourages us to remain balanced within the demands of modern life. 

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Carol brings her deep love of the wisdom of the dharma and her own indigenous ancestry into her teachings and those teachings that were given in the Braided Way have helped me to braid together my own indigenous spiritual path with the teaching of the dharma in my life and in my chosen work. Deeply life changing.



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